There are many health issues and risks faced by executives and business owners due to the hectic and high-pressure nature of their jobs. Thankfully, getting into good diet and exercise habits can provide solutions, preventative measures and benefits for CEOs that will make their lives much easier.

As a senior executive within a company, I understand day to day life can be an incredibly busy affair, making it seem like there is little to no time to keep fit and look after your own wellbeing. 99% of the clients we have worked with over the past 11 years started out with this mind-set. However, with the mobile service model provided by CEO Personal Training and the benefits each one of them felt with this improved lifestyle, they quickly realised that this investment in life had the greatest returns they had ever received.

So, here are 10 physical and mental health benefits for CEOs which a busy executive can experience when dedicating themselves to an improved diet and weekly training:

1: Improved mood

Firstly, the hormones and chemicals released through physical activity, such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, can elevate and individual’s mood. This is why many people describe exercise as giving them a ‘buzz’. This is important to a senior executive as not only a way of reducing stress, but also as a way of feeling happier and more energised; it is like a drug for life.

2: More alertness and focus

While feeling good alone isn’t often the most important thing in an executive role, being productive and focused certainly is. By exercising, especially in the mornings before work, busy executives can feel more alert throughout the day, leading to a clearer, sharper mind for the important tasks, meetings and decisions at hand.

3: Greater productivity benefits for CEOs

A by-product of the increased focus from training is being more productive. This can help a senior executive or business-person to work through the large volumes of tasks they may have each day, leaving more time to enjoy life with friends and family outside of the office. This of course creates a cycle of more enjoyment and productivity when they return to work again, so shouldn’t be underestimated as a benefit to exercise.

4: Lower caffeine dependence

Many professionals resort to caffeine as their solution to tiredness and fatigue, and executives are no exception. Rather than keeping focused and raising their heart rate through stimulants, a business owner or executive would find more benefit from a healthy diet, lots of sleep, water and regular exercise. This would provide natural sources of energy and alertness without the inevitable crash when the morning coffee wears off.

5: Helps you to unwind

Feelings of stress and anxiety can often be difficult to shift. Television, social media and technology often exacerbate the problem and prevent people from ‘switching off’. However, exercise is an excellent way to help your body and mind relax, unwind and separate from the looming spectre of work or the buzz of the internet for a while. For an executive, personal training can be vital to help achieve this, as they can coach the right mind set that will make switching off even easier.

6: Lowering blood pressure

Whether it’s simply the stress of work itself or the addition of the stimulating effects of caffeine, the busy work life of a senior executive can result in high blood pressure. This can weaken the arteries and increase the risk of heart attacks later in life. Thankfully, staying fit can help keep blood pressure lower through physical exertion, as well as strengthen the heart through cardiovascular exercise.

7: Keeping colds at bay

One of the biggest advantages to keeping fit and having a healthy diet is how it helps to boost an individual’s immune system. This can be crucial for an executive or business-person in a high-pressure environment, as it can keep them free of colds and illnesses and means they require less time spent away from work to recover.

8: Strength and flexibility

Part and parcel of exercise with a personal trainer is the physical benefit gained through the training. Increasing their muscular strength and flexibility puts a senior executive at a lower risk of strains, injuries and back pains that they might otherwise have from sitting in an office chair or driving to work every day.

9: Weight loss benefits for CEOs

Another advantage to exercise with a personal trainer is having a structured plan for weight loss. Many trainers will tailor a client’s programme to include healthier food choices and fat-burning exercise routines that can help them lose weight, which is important when improving the quality of life and image of a company executive.

10: More fitness

Plain and simple, the main reason why exercise is important is because fitness is important. While a business owner or executive doesn’t need to be on the same level as a professional athlete, being able to be active with friends and family, opens up far more opportunities to have fun and enjoy life outside the office, where it really matters. Being in an executive role in a company is a great achievement, as well as a huge responsibility. By hiring a personal trainer to help keep fit, lower stress and feel great, any executive can find benefits in both the personal and professional sides of their life.

If you’d like to find out how CEO Personal Training could support your journey to a more optimised version of yourself, get in touch today.