At CEO Personal Training, we firmly believe the current high pace and pressures of living in a city such as London are having such an effect on its residents that it will soon become a national crisis. This paired with the extraordinary pressures of running and growing a business does not end well.

We therefore created an exclusive package for CEOs and Senior Executives based in London that is designed to support mental and physical performance, and longevity.

As Peter Gaffney, the founder of CEO Personal Training often says: “Without health, success is nothing.”

A new approach to Health & Fitness

The CEO Personal Training programme has developed from Peter’s 12+ years of experience in dealing with CEOs and business owners through his personal training company, PGPT, and aims to provide busy executives and business owners with an in-depth, holistic wellbeing experience.

The programme includes:

• 150 personal training sessions

• 10 sessions of yoga

• 10 sports massages

• 8 sessions with an osteopath

• 3 sessions with a psychologist

Our programme is designed to ingrain good habits and phase out bad ones, helping busy CEOs and executives deal with the stresses of their profession and the fast pace of London living; The result of this being the betterment of both their physical and mental health.

Over the course of 12 months, the programme will help to improve clients’ fitness, strength, physique, flexibility, mental wellbeing and immunity. Imagine feeling younger, fitter and less stressed than ever, able to keep up a consistent daily routine and have more strength and flexibility for physical activity of all kinds.

CEO Personal Training - Park Session 1

CEO Personal Training is not just about exercising either. It’s about making fundamental, lasting changes to an individual’s lifestyle, which improves focus and performance in the work environment, as much as at home.

So many people spend years of their life dedicated to their organisations, only for their health and home lives to suffer as a result. For people who have invested vast amounts of time, money and effort in their careers, CEO Personal Training aims to show that it’s also possible to invest in life.

Make a change with CEO Personal Training

If you are ready to transform your body and begin investing in your health, then give yourself the best chance possible with this life-changing programme.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.